The land has long since been cleared of dangers, the monsters have been vanquished, wars ended, and frontiers settled. The main content of (Ardain) has been governed by three powerful countries, (Ardaland), (Balch), and (Greenway). These three countries have expanded to full the entire content and, after centuries of fighting, have at last come to peace.

With no room left to expand the three sent explorers out into the seas to find new land. It was not long until (Mirth) was found, a content the size of (Ardain), and with no known kingdoms to defend it. The three kingdoms instantly began settling the new content. But it was tough work for the settlers, since monsters ran freely upon the land.

It was not long until the expansion was halted by these foul fiends. For these creatures who before lived in small tribes, banded together to form powerful armies of their own. No army of the kingdom’s could push the creatures back any further. Once the stalemate was reached, it was not long until the three kingdoms turned on each other over what little land they could control. War broke out on the new world with each kingdom fighting the other two.

It was not long until the war returned to the homeland, along with their armies. The kingdoms recalled all their troops from (Mirth) to fight the war. With the armies gone, so were the settlers protection, one by one the colonies fell back under the monster’s control. The war lasted for almost 50 years, by which point all known settlements had fallen. With (Mirth) back under monster control, and no real victories on the homeland the three Kingdoms eventually reached a truce. The monsters, who had united against a common foe, fell back into their old ways and turned on each other.

Another 50 years past before any of the Kingdoms attempted to re-settle (Mirth), but with much less resources than last time the kingdoms were unable to send troops to protect the settlements. So each kingdom hired protection agencies to protect them, the agencies in turn began hiring adventurers of any background to serve as the guards.

The New World